Dale Hannah is an award winning writer. His unpublished novel; The Multiple Lives of Haroon Patel, has won both a 2014 Northern Writers’ Award and the 2014 Commonword Writing for Children Diversity Prize. He lives in the North West of England with his wife, children and sheep. He likes Maltesers.

Here are some nice things that people have said about his writing;

“A remarkable book…narrated with a genuine, touching and often funny voice. I’ve not come across anything quite like it before. Harry Patel is a genuine and complex character – sometimes funny, sometimes tragic, always interesting.” Melvin Burgess, Carnegie Medal winning author of Junk

“Funny and original.’ Irfan Master, award winning author of A Beautiful Lie

“This book is witty, funny and poignant but never mawkish: a stunning debut novel.” N M Browne, Carnegie Medal nominated author of Shadow Web

“Hannah has done the near-impossible: he has produced a book about a terminally ill boy that is well written, moving, and very funny indeed.” Jacqueline Roy, author of The Fat Lady Sings

“Hannah has created a funny, believable protagonist with a distinctive and genuine voice.” Northern Writers’ Judges 2014

“This writer’s voice is really strong and fresh and there are a lot of original ideas…The text is funny and original and the story really does play out on multiple levels.” Commonword Diversity Judges 2014

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